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Dirk’s Corner on YouTube

10/25/2020 (View Full Article))

Subscribe to our new YouTube channel to follow our courses as we transitions to a new ministry with Roser Church in Anna Maria, FL. Click on the button below to subscribe:

Thank You, Bethany Church!

10/19/2020 (View Full Article))

Liz and I cannot say enough “Thank you’s” to everyone who has contributed so generously to our 27 years at Bethany Church. I will always treasure the Family Gathering that we experienced together this past weekend, as well as the many emails, cards and other messages we have received. I can only apologize for not yet responding to each of you individually. You have given much more to us than we could ever have given to you. We are truly blessed by God and by God’s people!

On Mission in a New Direction

10/05/2020 (View Full Article))

In a recent study of Proverbs, I was reminded of this verse: “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”  Proverbs 16:9 (New Living Translation) God is currently revealing this truth to us in a fresh way, as Liz and I transition to …

Grace from the Beginning

10/03/2020 (View Full Article))

Grace is not a new force. It enters our world early in the story. God introduces it into His very first interaction with His rebellious children. Knowing fully what they had done, He still engages with them.

Should we Read the Creation Story “Literally”? Part 4

05/23/2020 (View Full Article))

In our previous post, we discussed the “days” of creation, as they are described in Genesis 1 and in the first few verses of Genesis 2.  On the “sixth day”, God creates human beings as the culmination of His work.   In this post, we woul …

Should we Read the Creation Story “Literally”? Part 3

05/08/2020 (View Full Article))

When interpreting the creation story in Genesis in our scientific age, we are quickly faced with a challenge.  How do we view the “days” that shape the story?     Before we get started, let me be clear.  In this post, as in all …

Should we Read the Creation Story “Literally”? Part 2

04/20/2020 (View Full Article))

In Part 1 of this series, we argued that the opening verses in Genesis use figures of speech to convey truth.  Through these figures of speech, God is telling a true story that makes sense both in both ancient cultures and in our culture.  Now we want …

Should we Read the Creation Story “Literally”? Part 1

04/13/2020 (View Full Article))

This post continues a series of responses to a college student seeking to understand their faith more deeply. In our last post in the series, we finished some thoughts about the Canon of Scripture, and now we turn to questions regarding the creation ac …

Why Only Four Gospels?

04/03/2020 (View Full Article))

In my last post to a seeking college student, I outlined the evidence for books currently included in what we call the “Old Testament.”  There I argue that human beings did not arbitrarily create the list.  They evaluated the evidence before …

Which Books belong in the Old Testament?

03/27/2020 (View Full Article))

In an earlier post, I began to respond to a series of questions being asked by a college student. In that post, I addressed the topic of biblical inspiration and canonization in a general way.  There I argued that early church leaders weighed the …

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