Why Am I Here? Review Quiz #5

After you complete Why Am I Here?, you can take this Quiz to review what you have learned. You can take the quiz as many times as you desire.

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  1. In this course, we define a disciple as someone who:
    A. Makes a one-time commitment to Jesus
    B. Follows and obeys Jesus
    C. Does their best to be a good person
    D. Reads their Bible daily
  2. The “Great Commandment” calls us to:
    A. Love God and Others
    B. Follow the Laws of Moses
    C. Live a well-disciplined life
    D. Go and make disciples
  3. “Sanctification” is best understood as:
    A. Another term for Baptism
    B. A prayer of blessing
    C. A deeply-seated commitment to follow God more faithfully
    D. A process through which God is recreating us to be a holy people
  4. In Romans 8:28-29, Paul tells us that our eternal destiny is to be:
    A. “the best that we can be”
    B. “a better version of ourselves”
    C. “conformed to the image of his Son”
    D. “happy and prosperous”
  5. According to John 13:34-35, how will the world best know that we are disciples of Jesus:
    A. By living a holy and righteous life
    B. By knowing the Bible thoroughly
    C. By watching us pray publicly
    D. By loving one another
  6. The “Great Commission” calls us to:
    A. Go and make disciples
    B. Love God and others
    C. Worship God alone
    D. Faithfully give to God’s work
  7. Who must engage in the work of making disciples?
    A. Those who have been gifted to speak convincingly to others
    B. Those who are called to be pastors and elders
    C. Extroverts and highly social people
    D. All disciples of Jesus
  8. As we engage in serving Jesus, we can expect that:
    A. Many people will come to faith through our witness.
    B. Most people will agree with us.
    C. We may encounter significant opposition.
    D. None of the above
  9. We have the ability to make disciples because:
    A. We all have this innate power.
    B. The Holy Spirit gifts us with this ability.
    C. Our church will train all of us to fulfill the mission.
    D. All of the above
  10. How long should we keep pursing this mission of serving Jesus?
    A. Until we retire
    B. Until someone comes to faith
    C. When we have more time to devote to the church
    D. Now and forever

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