Why the Bible? Review Quiz #4

After you complete Why the Bible? Part 1 and Part 2, you can take this Quiz to review what you have learned. You can take the quiz as many times as you desire.

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  1. Which of the following statements are true regarding God’s revelation through creation?
    A. It doesn’t really tell us anything meaningful about God.
    B. It tells us everything we really need to know about God.
    C. It should humble us and cause us to praise God.
    D. It if fully understood by most human beings.
  2. How are human beings different from other created beings?
    A. The main difference is that we evolved differently.
    B. There is no essential difference among created beings.
    C. Human beings are more intelligent than other creatures.
    D. Humans are uniquely fashioned to know and to carry on a conscious relationship with their creator.
  3. Who is generally considered to be the first prophet?
    A. Adam
    B. Noah
    C. Moses
    D. Isaiah
  4. What do we mean when we say that the scriptures are “inspired”?
    A. The Holy Spirit works within human prophets in such a way that what they produce is in fact the very word of God.
    B. The scriptures mix human with divine wisdom.
    C. The Holy Spirit dictates His story word by word to each human writer.
    D. The scriptures are a flawed but mostly reliable record of God’s story.
  5. The fullest expression of God’s revelation to us is:
    A. The Old Testament
    B. The New Testament
    C. The entire Bible
    D. The person, Jesus
  6. What do John, Luke and Paul all say regarding their own writings?
    A. They are recording actual, eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ ministry.
    B. They are sharing current versions of the story of Jesus.
    C. They are trying to interpret the meaning of Jesus as best they can.
    D. They realize that their stories differ in some details.
  7. God’s story can change our story because:
    A. It clarifies.
    B. It corrects.
    C. It comforts.
    D. All of the above.
  8. God’s story can change our story because:
    A. It can show us that all paths lead to God.
    B. It can illuminate our hearts without confusing our minds.
    C. It can help clear up a few misconceptions about human nature.
    D. It can help us make good decisions, even when circumstances seem confused.
  9. What is the primary reason that the Scriptures can bring such clarity to our lives?
    A. Because they all point to Jesus who is the light of the world.
    B. Because they are the highest expression of human wisdom.
    C. Because they are translated into many languages.
    D. Because they summarize the best of ancient, prophetic messages.
  10. What do the scriptures teach us about the relationship between love and obedience?
    A. Love and obedience are not really related at all.
    B. Love is a feeling, while obedience is an act of the will.
    C. Loving God and obeying Him must always go together.
    D. You can love God without necessarily obeying Him.

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