Why the Cross? Review Quiz #3

After you complete Why the Cross? Part 1 and Part 2, you can take this Quiz to review what you have learned. You can take the quiz as many times as you desire.

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  1. In this course, we have described the essential nature of sin as:
    A. Bad choices that we occasionally make.
    B. Our failure to love and obey God faithfully.
    C. Incorrect ideas about God.
    D. A moral force in our world.
  2. How extensively has sin affected all human beings?
    A. Adam and Eve sinned, but their sin has no connection to our sin.
    B. Sin affects most people, but some people are able to avoid it.
    C. Most of us can overcome the effects of sin if we sincerely apply ourselves.
    D. Every human being has sinned.
  3. What do the Scriptures teach us about death?
    A. Death is only physical.
    B. Death is only spiritual.
    C. Death is both physical and spiritual.
    D. The Bible is not really clear regarding this issue.
  4. What do the Scriptures teach us about hell?
    A. Hell does not really exist at all.
    B. Hell is a temporary place where the truly wicked repent of their sins.
    C. Hell is a symbolic way of saying that sin has bad consequences.
    D. Hell is called the “second death” where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.
  5. Old Testament animal sacrifices symbolized “Atonement”, which means that:
    A. A ritual has made someone clean.
    B. Justice has been served and a relationship with God is re-established.
    C. A person now can be a part of Israel.
    D. A person’s character is now spiritually transformed.
  6. According to the New Testament book of Hebrews, which of the following statements best describes the central purpose of Old Testament sacrifices?
    A. They point us forward as signs of the sacrifice of Jesus.
    B. They were sacred acts that ritually made one clean.
    C. They kept the people focused on one true God.
    D. None of the above.
  7. The cross of Jesus is correctly understood as:
    A. An atonement for our sin.
    B. A substitute for our death.
    C. A perfect sacrifice that can never be repeated.
    D. All of the above.
  8. According to the Apostle Paul, what does the cross do for our “body ruled by sin” (Romans 6:6)?
    A. It is “critically wounded”.
    B. It is “now perfected”.
    C. It “might be done away with”.
    D. It “will get better from now on”.
  9. Because of the cross, we now have a new destiny, which means that:
    A. We will never taste physical death.
    B. We will now live a healthy, prosperous life.
    C. We now have a much better chance of going to heaven.
    D. We will “be conformed to the image of his Son”.
  10. What effect does the cross have upon our broken relationships?
    A. It makes it possible for us to be reunited, because we are all united in the same Christ.
    B. It restores us as individuals, but it really has no effect on our relationships.
    C. It allows us to judge people more accurately.
    D. None of the above.

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